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  • Who: Benjamin Jordan

  • What: Longest journey by powered paraglider

  • Where: Canada

The longest journey by powered paraglider is 8,008 km (4,975.93 miles) and was achieved by Benjamin Jordan (Canada) flying west to east across Canada from Tofino (British Columbia) to Bay St. Lawrence (Nova Scotia) between 15 May 2009 and 24 August 2009.

Benjamin’s journey was named "Above + Beyond". He landed and took off from public schools in Canada along the way, where he gave presentations to the children to encourage them to challenge their fears and realize their own dreams. He originally wanted to achieve over 10,000 km (6,213.7 miles) but adverse weather prevented him to cross the Cabot straight over to Newfoundland. He took the ferry instead and flew the remaining distance for PR purposes only. He therefore only claims the record for the distance between Tofino and Bay St. Lawrence.


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