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Highest insured hair

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  • Who: Troy Polamalu

  • What: Highest insured hair

  • Where: United States

The highest insured hair is that of professional American footballer Troy Polamalu (USA) of the National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers (USA), whose trademark locks were insured for $1 million (£622,713) with Lloyd's of London by Procter and Gamble shampoo brand Head & Shoulders on 30 August 2010.

Polamalu has not cut his hair since 2000 as a tribute to his Samoan ancestors. He had served as a Head & Shoulders spokesman for two years at the time the insurance policy was taken out. Polamalu's insured hair was nearly three feet long at the time of insurance. It joins other famous insured body parts such as Keith Richards' hands ($2 million), David Beckham's legs ($70 million), and even Tom Jones' chest hair ($7 million).


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