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Tallest human pillar on moving horseback

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  • Who: Edgard Zapashny

  • What: Tallest human pillar on moving horseback

  • Where: Russia

The tallest human pillar on moving horseback consisted of three people and was achieved by Edgard Zapashny, Aleksandra Blinova and Kristina Gritsaenko (all Russia). They are all members of the 'Zapashny Brothers Circus' and this feat was achieved in the arena of the Sochi State Circus, Krasnodar, Russia on 17 June 2011.

The trio stood on each others shoulders and let go of each others legs, whilst the horses trotted around the arena for 20 metres. No support was used, although safety harnesses were used. The building containing the arena used is 132.7 metres squared and the arena itself 13 metres in diameter. The total height of the column on top of the horses was 4.55 metres and the trained horses were handled by Askold Zapashny and Vyacheslav Pisarev.


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