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Highest ranking camel

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  • Who: Bert

  • What: Highest ranking camel

  • Where: United States

The world's highest ranking law-enforcement camel is Bert, who was accepted as Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, San Dimas, USA, on 5 April 2003 and regularly goes on patrol with his handler Nance Fite (USA).

B.E.R.T., which stands for 'Be enthusiastic Responsible and True' is a dromedary (one hump), born on 3 March 1997 and weighing 802 kg (1,770 lb) on 27 May 2003. Measured on the same day, he stands at a height of 208 cm (82 in) to the top of his hump, although he will not be considered fully grown until he is 8 years old. Bert is the hairiest and heaviest Reserve deputy, and also has the longest eyelashes and the most stomachs of them all (3!).


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