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Highest box office film gross for an Italian film

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  • Who: <i>La Vita È Bella</i> (<i>Life Is Beautiful</i> ) (1997)

  • What: Highest box office film gross for an Italian film

  • Where: Italy

La Vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) (Italy 1997), released by Miramax and starring the director, Roberto Benigni (Italy), had a worldwide gross of US$229 million (£143 million).

It also became the highest grossing foreign language film in North America with US$57.6 million (£36 million), overtaking the previous record of US$21.8 million (£13.62 million) set by Il Postino (It 1994), another Miramax film.

And in the UK, it became the highest grossing foriegn-language film at £3.03 million, overtaking the £2.45 million gross of Cyrano de Bergerac (Fr 1990)


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