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  • Who: Guillaume Matignon

  • What: Greatest cash prize for a TCG

  • Where: United States

The World of Warcraft TCG World Championship, held at the San Diego Convention Center between 30 November and 2 December 2007, saw Guillaume Matignon (France) beat over 400 of the world’s best WoW warriors to claim the top prize of $100,000 – the largest single purse for a trading card game and the biggest tournament payout in TCG history. Participants earned a place in the competition by competing in various tournaments and events throughout the world, including Regional Tournaments and World of Warcraft TCG Dream Machine Championship Tournaments. Players with a UDE Honour Ranking of Level 6 or higher, a limited UDE ration of 2700, or constructed rating of 2850, were also qualified to participate in the tournament.


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