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Most people hula hooping - single venue

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  • Who: Herbalife Taiwan Inc., Taiwan Branch

  • What: Most people hula hooping - single venue

  • Where: Taiwan

The most people hula-hooping simultaneously is 2,496 and was set during an event organized by Herbalife Taiwan Inc., Taiwan Branch (Taiwan) with the support of Dot Han Integrated Marketing Co. and Detsu Inc. at the Taipei Gymnasium in Taipei City, Taiwan, on 20 August 2011.

The original formation consisted of 3,010 participants arranged in a grid formation of 70 columns by 43 rows. The hula hoops remained in continuous motion for 2 minutes as timed by the record adjudicator. 514 participants either dropped or had the hula hoops swing below the hips and were therefore discounted from the total.


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