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  • Who: David Pierce Jones

  • What: Fastest trek to the North Pole

  • Where: Arctic

The fastest trek to the North Pole was 41 days 18 hours and 52 minutes and was achieved by David J.P. Pierce Jones (UK), Richard Weber (Canada), Tessum Weber (Canada) and Howard Fairbanks (South Africa) from 3 March to 14 April 2010. The team set out on 3 April from 82° 58' 02" N and 77° 23' 3" W and were picked up after reaching the North Pole, 90° N, on 14 April 2010.

The total trek distance was 785 km (487.78 mi). They had no aids (i.e. dogs or snowmobiles) and one resupply was dropped on 21 March 2011 at 85° 40' N and 80° 57' W.


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