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  • Who: Gary Greff

  • What: Largest scrap-metal sculpture

  • Where: United States

The world’s largest metal sculpture, completed by Gary Greff (USA) in August 2001, stands 110 ft (33.5m) tall, is 154 ft (46.9m) wide and weighs 157,659 lb (71,512.91 kg). Entitled Geese in Flight , the sculpture resembles Canadian geese flying against a backdrop of sky and prairie and is one of a series of metal sculptures located along the Enchanted Highway between Gladstone and Regent, North Dakota, USA. 

Greff began his project in 1990. His other artwork along the highway includes a tin family, metal grasshoppers, a pheasant family and Theodore Roosevelt on a horse. Another project, involving giant metal fish, is scheduled to be completed in late 2002. 


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