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  • Who: Musashi

  • What: Largest battleship

  • Where: Japan

The largest battleships ever to enter service were the Japanese vessels Yamato, commissioned in December 1941 and sunk by 11 torpedoes and 7 bombs south-west of Kyushu, Japan, by US planes on 7 April 1945) and Musashi, commissioned in August 1942 and sunk in the Philippine Sea by 20 torpedoes and 17 bombs on 24 October 1944. Both ships had a full load displacement of 71,111 tonnes (156.7 million lb), an overall length of 263 m (863 ft), a beam of 38.7 m (127 ft) and a full load draught of 10.8 m (35 ft 6 in). They were armed with nine 460 mm (18.1 in) guns in three triple turrets. Each gun weighed 164.6 tonnes (362,880 lb), was 22.8 m (75 ft) long and fired 1,450 kg (3,200 lb) projectiles.


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