Wild Things

Guinness World Records: Wild Things takes you on a superlative safari around the globe, revealing the best of the beasts! Meet the natural world's largest, smallest, fastest, deadliest – and just plain oddest – creatures and find out what records they hold. Also get to know some of the biggest stars in wildlife conservation, including Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Steve Backshall, and Bindi and Robert Irwin. Get ready, as things are about to get wild…

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Watch creepy crawlies come to life!

Technical wizardry allows you to see five record-breaking bugs come to life and appear out of the page, including the one next to this text! From venomous centipedes to big praying mantises, but watch out for that scorpion! 

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Parrot test

Balloon parrot

Want to have a go at making your own parrot? Find out how from the man behind the Largest balloon zoo.

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