Heaviest vehicle pulled
by a sword swallower
Ryan Stock (Canada) swallowed
a sword measuring 43.18 cm
(17 in) long and 2 cm (0.75 in)
wide. But that was just the start.
He then attached chains to the
hilt and pulled a 2002 Audi A4
for 6.38 m (20 ft 11 in) – in 20.53
seconds – in Las Vegas, Nevada,
USA, on 28 October 2008.
Ryan also set the record for
heaviest vehicle pulled
using a hook through the
nasal cavity and mouth
, at
725 kg (1,598 lb) in Rome,
Italy, on 21 March 2012.
Most flowers whip-
cracked from the
mouth in one minute
The Space Cowboy used
a bullwhip to break in half
31 flowers placed one at a time
in the mouth of Zoe L’Amore
see right
) in London, UK, on
28 September 2012.
Most candles extinguished
by whip in one minute
The most candles extinguished
by cracking a whip in one minute
is 78, by Xu Xinguo (China)
on the set of a
CCTV Guinness
World Records Special
in Beijing, China, on
10 December 2012.
Most fans
stopped by tongue
Zoe L’Amore, aka Zoe Ellis (Australia),
used her tongue to stop 20 electric fans,
each with blades 27 cm (10.6 in) wide,
in one minute at London Wonderground,
UK, on 14 September 2012. She
alternated between two hand-held desk
fans on full power, stopping each blade
entirely before moving to the next.
Most concrete blocks broken
on the stomach in one minute
Daniella D’Ville, aka Danielle Martin (UK), laid on a bed
of nails at London Wonderground, UK, and had eight
concrete blocks smashed one at a time on her stomach
in a minute by The Great Gordo Gamsby (Australia)
on 14 September 2012. Each block measured 10 x 44
x 21.5 cm (3.9 x 17.3 x 8.4 in)
and weighed 5.8 kg (12 lb
12 oz). Gordo struck them
with a sledgehammer
weighing 6.35 kg (14 lb).
Fastest whip
The whip-cracking speed and
accuracy world record is held by
Adam Crack, aka Adam Winrich
(USA), who hit 10 targets
consecutively with a cracking
whip in 4.85 seconds at the
Bristol Renaissance Faire in
Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA,
on 8 July 2008.
Extent in
centimetres to which
the 3-mm-thick
(0.12-in) baking trays
must be buckled
in order to count
towards the
Most baking
trays buckled
over the head
in one minute
Burnaby Q Orbax (
) and Sweet Pepper
Klopek (both Canada)
perform together as the
Monsters of Schlock.
The dynamic duo
took it in turns to
bash each other over
the head with a total
of 55 baking trays in
60 seconds at Niagara
in Ontario, Canada,
on 31 August 2012.
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