Most balloons burst
with throwing knives
in one minute
The Space Cowboy (
) burst
21 balloons with throwing knives
in a minute at Wonderground
in London, UK, on 24 August
2012. He was positioned 5 m
(16 ft 5 in) from the balloons and
used 10 knives in total, which he
recovered and reused each time.
Most apples cut in the air
by sword in one minute
Tsurugi Genzou (Japan) sliced 28
apples thrown into the air with
a 66-cm-long (26-in) blade on
the set of
FNS 27HR TV Waratte
at Hizen Yume Kaido in
Saga, Japan, on 22 July 2012.
Most knives
caught in
one minute
Ashrita Furman caught
34 Hibben 30-cm (12-in)
knives – thrown by Bipin
Larkin (both USA) –
one-handed in a minute
at the Sri Chinmoy Center in New
York City, USA, on 16 May 2012.
Most knives thrown
backwards around
a human target in
one minute
Patrick Brumbach
(Germany) threw
63 blades around
his assistant while
facing away from her
in Schloß Holte-
Germany, on
17 August
Longest sustained
fire-torch teething
As if fire-eating wasn’t hot enough, Carisa Hendrix
(Canada) spiced up her attempt further by “teething”
– gripping the torch in her teeth without taking a
breath, fire side down. She practised for a month
before her 2-min 1.51-sec feat on
Lo Show dei
 in Rome, Italy, on 12 April 2012.
Most swords
The Space Cowboy, aka
Chayne Hultgren (Australia),
established himself as
the world’s leading sword
swallower when, on
12 September 2012 at the
Guoman hotel by Tower
Bridge in London, UK, he
slid 24 blades – each at least
cm (15
in) long – down
his esophagus.
fire torches • Swords • knives • whips
Longest metal coil passed
through the nose and mouth
Andrew Stanton (USA) of the Las Vegas SwingShift
SideShow performs as Mr Screwface. He uses a power
drill to insert greased coils of metal where, frankly, they
aren’t supposed to go. On 31 March 2012, he screwed
a 3.63-m-long (11-ft 10.91-in) coil through his nose and
mouth on the set of
Lo Show dei Record
in Rome, Italy.
fire skills
Most flames blown
in one minute
Fredrik Karlsson (Sweden)
blew 108 flames at Sergels
Torg in Stockholm, Sweden,
on 3 November 2012. Fireman
Fredrik is more used to putting
fires out, although he also
achieved the record for the
longest duration for a
continuous fire blow
set at 9.96 seconds on
19 November 2011.
Most torches
in 30 seconds
Hubertus Wawra (Germany),
aka the Master of Hellfire,
extinguished 39 fire torches
in 30 seconds with his
mouth in Mumbai, India,
on 21 February 2011.
Most blow torches
extinguished with the
tongue in one minute
The Space Cowboy (
see above
) used only his tongue to
put out 27 gas blow torches in
a minute on 27 September 2012
in London, UK.
Most torches lit and
extinguished in one minute
Preacher Muad’dib (UK) lit and
put out 83 fire torches in London,
UK, on 18 November 2010. He
alternated between two fire rods.
He also achieved the
most spins of a fire
staff in one minute
with 150 turns of
a 119-cm-long (47-in)
staff in Whitby, UK, on
31 October 2009.
Sideshow Arts
“You try to
hold your face as
horizontal as possible
under the torch to
avoid the worst
part of the
“People have
been putting stuff
in and out of their
noses either for
entertainment or for
medical reasons for
thousands of
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