Most films from
the work of a
comics creator
Stan Lee’s (USA) creations had been adapted
into Hollywood movies a record 18 times as
of February 2013. Pictured here are the stars
X-Men: First Class
(USA, 2011) – the most
successful of the
As of 28 June 2012,
Eric Jaskolka (USA) owns
largest collection
of X-Menmemorabilia
15,400 items.
superheroine movie
(USA, 2004), starring Halle Berry
(USA), which earned $82,102,379
(£31,975,600) at the global box
office. Despite this, the movie was
a critical and commercial flop,
failing to make back its estimated
$100-million (£62.4-million) budget.
Most people dressed
as superheroes
In an event organized by
Paramount Studios to promote
the Dreamworks movie
(USA, 2010), 1,580 participants
dressed up as superheroes in
Los Angeles, California, USA,
on 2 October 2010.
First television superhero
Superman became the first
comic superhero with his own
TV series when
The Adventures
of Superman
, starring George
Reeves (USA), syndicated in 1952.
Reeves’s Superman suit sold for
$129,800 (£81,307) at the Profiles
in History auction in Los Angeles,
California, USA, on 31 July 2003,
most expensive costume
from a TV series sold at auction
Most expensive movie
based on a comic-book
With a budget estimated to
be in excess of $270 million
(£137 million), Bryan Singer’s
Superman Returns
2006) is the most expensive film
based on a comic character.
Best-selling comic
X-Men 1
(Marvel Comics, 1991), created by Chris Claremont
(UK) and Jim Lee (USA), sold 8.1 million copies.
Lee designed four variant covers, published
simultaneously with the date October 1991.
A month later, another edition combined
the variants as a gatefold cover.
Largest collection of
Superman memorabilia
Herbert Chavez (Philippines) has a super-sized collection of
Superman-related items, comprising 1,253 individual objects
as of 22 February 2012. He has even had extensive plastic
surgery to make him resemble the superhero.
The highest price for a
copy of the first issue of
from 1963, sold
by Heritage Auctions
(USA) on 26 July
Stan Lee (USA) – born Stanley Lieber in 1922 –
co-created the iconic Spider-Man with artist
Steve Ditko (USA) in 1962.
Among his many plaudits,
Lee has a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Most people dressed
as Superman
The largest gathering of people dressed as
Superman was 437, achieved by Nexen Inc.
(Canada) at the Nexen Inc. headquarters in
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 28 September
2011. Nexen used the record attempt to kick
off their United Way fundraising campaign
(titled “Be a Superhero”).
at your leisure
6. The Hulk:
$1,133 million
(£703 million)
7. The Incredibles:
$631 million
(£392 million)
8. Hancock:
$624 million
(£388 million)
9. The Fantastic
$619 million
(£385 million)
10. Superman:
$484 million
(£300 million)
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