Largest LEGO
dinosaur skeleton
At 6 m (20 ft) in length and comprising
80,020 pieces,
Dinosaur Skeleton
by Nathan Sawaya (USA) is an
Tyrannosaurus rex
skeleton – the largest complete
skeleton made from LEGO bricks.
LEGO structure
Built in the shape of a gigantic
millipede, the longest LEGO
structure measured 1,578.81 m
(5,179 ft 10 in) – roughly the
same length as 32 Olympic
swimming pools – and consisted
of 2,901,760 pieces. The record
was set in Grugliasco, Turin, Italy,
on 13 February 2005.
than 400 billion
LEGO bricks have
been produced
since 1949 –
that’s enough,
when stacked,
to connect the
Earth and Moon
10 times over!
Fastest robot
to solve a
Rubik’s cube
On 11 November 2011, the
CubeStormer II, commissioned
by ARM Holdings and built
by Mike Dobson and David
Gilday (all UK) from four
LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits,
completed a scrambled cube in
just 5.270 seconds in London,
UK. That’s 0.28 seconds faster
than Mats Valk (Netherlands)
who, as of March 2013, was
the fastest human solver.
Smallest film set
(commercially available)
The LEGO Steven Spielberg
MovieMaker Set, launched on
1 April 2001, supplies kids with
everything needed to build an
Tallest LEGO® tower
The tallest structure built from interlocking plastic bricks is
the 32.5-m-tall (106-ft 7-in) tower built from LEGO in Prague,
Czech Republic, to mark the 80th anniversary of the LEGO
company’s history. Rower Miroslava Knapková clicked the
final brick into place on 9 September 2012 at
the end of a four-day build. An
estimated 500,000
bricks were used in
the construction.
| TECHNIC | mindstorms
featured as the
largest item in Sawaya’s
touring LEGO exhibition, The
Art of the Brick, and was built
over the summer of 2011 “in
honour of the thousands
of children who enjoy
the art of LEGO
entire mini film
set measuring
25 x 25.5 cm (9.84 x
10.03 in). Fans can
then create their own film
using the LEGO PC movie camera
and movie-editing software.
Most LEGO Ninjago
spinner competitions
in 24 hours (multiple
Ninjago is a popular ninja
figurine battle game and
cartoon show created by
LEGO. On 17 February 2012,
the most devout Ninjago
enthusiasts gathered at
44 LEGO stores across North
America for a 24-hour
competition frenzy. A total
of 18,559 competitions were
battled out and completed
using the competitors’
personalized characters.
Picture built
with LEGO
Over two million multi-
coloured bricks were used
by 5,000 children to create
an image of the 26 cantons
of Switzerland. It measured
153 m² (1,646 ft²) and
was created by LEGO
GmbH (Germany) in
collaboration with
Manor AG and Pro
Juventute (both Switzerland)
at the Suisse Toy in Bern,
Switzerland, on 6 October
2012. The motto of the record
attempt was, “Children are
building the future of
Collection of LEGO sets
Kyle Ugone of Yuma, Arizona,
USA, owns the world’s most
extensive LEGO collection,
boasting a staggering
1,091 complete sets as
of 23 July 2011.
Toy-building lesson
(multiple venues)
A total of 287 LEGO fans each
learned to make a train engine
with a trolley using 82 pieces
at an event organized by
Merlin Entertainments Group
Ltd (UK). The building lessons
took place simultaneously at
nine LEGOLAND® Discovery
Centres worldwide and at the
LEGOLAND Windsor resort
on 15 November 2012.
Span of a LEGO bridge
At 14 m (45 ft 11 in) in
length, the bridge built by
visitors to the “SteinZeit
im Phaeno” (“Stone Age
in Phaeno”) exhibition in
Wolfsburg, Germany, on
6 October 2008 took LEGO
modelling to vast new
lengths. The construction
was supervised by LEGO
experts René Hoffmeister
and Klaas H Meijaard.
brick by brick
and mighty
LEGO have a long-
running tradition of
building towers around
the world – the first one
appeared in London
in 1988, measuring
15.2 m (49 ft).
Sporting 3,803 pieces, the
popular Star Wars Death Star is
up next and was first released
in 2008.
Currently topping the
brick-building charts
is the LEGO Taj Mahal
model, released in 2008
with a whopping total
of 5,922
The Death Star II
follows closely,
unleashed in 2005
with 3,441 individual
London’s Tower Bridge
set takes third position;
released in 2010, it contains
4,287 parts.
Issued in 2007, the
Star Wars Ultimate
comes in at a close
second with 5,195 pieces.
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