May 11, London - Ahead of the release of the anticipated Angry Birds The Movie,GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS reveals the top 10 titles our furious feathered friends have achieved so far!

Angry Birds creators Rovio, the game community and the media have accumulated over 34 Angry Bird Guinness World Records titles, many of which feature in the new Guinness World Records 2016: Blockbusters! book - not to mention the hundreds of Angry Birds applications awaiting approval.

We have selected the top ten records below:

Top Ten Angry Birds Guinness World Records titles:

1.       First App to Sell Movie Rights: On 15 May 2013, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that it had acquired worldwide distribution rights for a movie based on Rovio's app series Angry Birds.

2.       First mobile game series to reach 1 billion downloads: On 9 May 2012, Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment announced its Angry Birds series of games had racked up a total of 1 billion downloads, making it the first mobile game franchise to cross the impressive milestone. The total included combined download stats for Angry Birds (December 2009), Angry Birds Seasons (October 2010), Angry Birds Rio (March 2011) and Angry Birds Space (March 2012).

3.      Most Theme Parks Based on a Video Game: As of 22 February 2016, there were 11 official fun parks based on the feathery app stars Angry Birds. Two of them can be found in the UK, while China, Malaysia, Russia and Spain each have one. The rest can be found in Finland – home to Angry Birds creator Rovio – with the biggest located at the Särkänniemi Adventure Park.

4.      Most watched Angry Birds YouTube video: With 110,195,650 views as of 17 March 2015, "Angry Birds & The Mighty Eagle" (uploaded by Finland's Rovio Entertainment on 10 September 2010) is the most watched Angry Birds video on YouTube. Rovio created the 1-minute 45-second animation to showcase its Mighty Eagle character, who made his Angry Birds debut in December 2010.

5.      Highest score on Level 1-1 of "Poached Eggs" on Angry Birds for Chrome: The highest score on Angry Birds for Chrome (Rovio, 2011) is 37,510 points and was achieved by Stephen Kish (pictured) (UK) in East Sussex, UK on 23 August 2011.

6.      Best-selling paid-for iPhone app: In May 2013, Apple published a list of the top 25 most purchased iPhone apps of all time. Flying high in the number one spot was Angry Birds (Rovio, 2009).

7.      Largest Game of Angry Birds: To welcome Finnish viewers to his show, and in a reference to the Finnish nationality of Angry Birds’ developer Rovio, the 3 March 2011 edition of the American talkshow hosted by Conan O’Brien featured a man-sized real-life version of Angry Birds in his studio set. The game was recreated by the show’s production staff and featured obstacles made from furniture, while inflatable balls were used to represent the game’s birds and pigs.

8.      First official videogame merchandise shop: When Rovio opened its Angry Birds shop in Helsinki, Finland, in November 2011, it became the first shop to sell official merchandise from a single gaming franchise.

9.      Most No.1 positions held by an App Store game: The greatest number of countries that a game in the Apple App Store has occupied the number one position is 67, achieved by Angry Birds (Rovio, 2009).

10.  Highest total score in Angry Birds Space “Eggsteroids” (PC): There are 14 bonus Eggsteroid levels in Angry Birds Space that can only be visited by finding Golden Eggsteroids within the main game. On 10 May 2013, Germany's Hendrik “Nintendo S.T.A.R.” Bunde set his final record of 77, 830 points on level E-08 to rack up a top total score of 1,092,235 for all Eggsteroid stages combined.

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