Guinness World Records - Officially Amazing

Largest collection of Daleks and most dogs skipping on a rope among bizarre new records in 2012 book


The brand new Guinness World Records 2012 is out now and features some of the most wonderfully bizarre records ever achieved by man or animal.

The extraordinary individuals, recognised in the historic publication for the first time, include British eccentric Rob Hull who has the Largest Collection of Daleks, Uchida Geinousha's 'Super Wan Wan Circus' for the Most Dogs Skipping on a Rope, and the 'Best Man' from Shelbyville, Illinois, USA, the Fastest Wedding Chapel in the world!

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said: "When you think of the weirdest and wackiest inevitably Guinness World Records will come to mind. The 2012 edition celebrates some of the most extraordinary examples of this.  The individuals that add a little colour to our day".

Largest Collection of Daleks
British family man Rob Hull,49, from Doncaster (above) is recognised for having the largest collection of Daleks, 571 models strong.  His incredible collection, which includes a 6ft life size replica model, is a product of 20 years of passionate (and costly!) collecting.

Click here to watch Rob's record holder profile video


Most Dogs Skipping On The Same Rope Instory

Most Dogs Skipping on a Rope
Uchida Geinousha's 'Super Wan Wan Circus' based in  Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, offers a unique act for its audience; the incredible sight of 13 dogs skipping on a rope. 

Click here to watch Uchida's record holder profile video


Fastest Wedding Chapel Instory

Record - Fastest Wedding Chapel
Two years ago Rev. Darrell Best, of Shelbyville, Illinois, USA, converted his 1940s fire truck into a wedding chapel on wheels. 

The wedding chapel entitled 'The Best Man', allows lovers to tie the knot while they're on the road and is capable of reaching speeds of 99 km/h (62 mi/h). 

Click here to watch Rev. Darrell's record holder profile video

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