Everyone could use a getaway every once in a while, but what if everything you ever wanted to see or do was right in your backyard?

That's what the city of Provo, Utah, recently attempted with the help of Google Fiber. As part of its Passport to Provo initiative, the group also teamed with the Provo City Mayor's Office, Downtown Provo Inc., and the Cotopaxi apparel company to makee history with 2,079 participants taking part in the largest scavenger hunt, smashing the previous record of 924 people.

Provo is one of the few cities that has been chosen as a rollout location for Google Fiber, the tech giant's home broadband offering. After debuting in Kansas City, Fiber now plans on expanding to Austin, Texas, in addition to Provo.

"We were hoping to get over 2,000 to double the record," said Devin Baer, Field Sales and Marketing Manager for Google Fiber. "But we really didn't know what to plan on. Provo City has never done anything like this before and [Google Fiber has] certainly never done anything like this before."

Provo story 2.jpg

Teams of hunters filled Provo streets, businesses, parks, and landmarks in search of murals, stages on which to perform, animals with whom to speak (above), and litter to clean up, in addition to other tasks.

For the hunt, participants were asked to complete 15 tasks, at least three each from five categories that included Downtown Culture, Quirky and Fun, Outdoor and Adventure, Community Service and Local Business.

Provo Mayor John Curtis (below) officially kicked off the scavenger hunt, thanking Google Fiber and reminding residents of Fiber's quickly approaching Sept. 20 sign-up deadline.

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Event coverage found its way to the Salt Lake Tribune, NBC affiliate KSL.com, and the Provo Daily Herald.

"We were thinking of what to do and the idea of a scavenger hunt came up, and it works on so many different levels," Baer told the Daily Herald. "We couldn't think of anything else that would allow us to help people explore new, local businesses; appreciate and discover the arts and culture scene in Provo ... and fundamentally accomplish our No. 1 goal, which was to help people to explore and discover the revitalization of downtown Provo."

Has Google Fiber's takeover of Provo inspired you to get the word out on a product or place with a record attempt? Make sure to contact the Guinness World Records events management team with your organization's details.