Coca-Cola Limited (Thailand) has refreshed the record for the Most people opening bottles in a relay during an attempt organised to promote a drink by Minute Maid, a popular drinks brand owned by the company.
The company managed to get an impressive line-up of 641 people to take part in the challenge and successfully broke the previous record by 186 participants.
Most people opening bottles in a relay Parc Paragon
The attempt took place at Parc Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand and was attended by a number of local celebrities.
All of the participants dressed in orange to match the colour of the ‘Minute Maid Pulpy’ juice drink that they each had to open in turn (although this dress code was not a requirement of the record).
Most people opening bottles in a relay adjudicator
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Rishi Nath was on hand to officiate the fun attempt and ensure that all of the rules were followed.
The guidelines for this Guinness World Records title state that each person has to stay in line throughout the entire attempt, until the last person has taken the lid off their drink.
The successful event was the perfect was to launch the brand’s ‘Shake to Refresh with Minute Maid’ campaign.
Most people opening bottles in a relay certificate presentation
Previously the most people opening bottles in a relay involved 455 people and was organized by Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central (Macau) in Macau, China, on 10 October 2013.