Sunlight, Thailand's number one dishwashing liquid brand, recently held a unique competition to crown the world's fastest dishwashing couple. 
Having previously broken the Guinness World Records title for the world’s longest line of washed plates in both 2013 and 2014, the brand was looking to set a new achievement as part of its ‘Sunlight, Fastest Dishwashing to Win Millions’ campaign.
“Sunlight is committed to developing recognition for Thai people in global forums such as the Guinness World Records achievements while proving Sunlight’s efficacy in removing grease with the power equivalent to 100 lemons. This is why we continually hold dishwashing competitions to set world records in many creative ways.” said Ms. Panyamahasup, Vice President for Home Care and Ice Cream at Unilever Thai Trading Limited.
Most dishes washed in 3 minutes Sunlight Guinness World Record attempt
Fifteen couples competed to set a new Guinness World Records title for Most dishes washed within 3 minutes by a team of two.  Mr. Kiattisak Surinsapanon and Ms. Aveena Surinsapanon edged out the second-place finisher only by 3 plates to set the new mark at a total of 54 dishes. The winners and runner-ups received cash prizes sponsored by Sunlight Lemon Turb worth over one million baht (£20,000).
Most dishes washed in 3 minutes Sunlight Guinness World Record announcement
In addition to the dishwashing competition, Sunlight sponsored free meals prepared by 10 leading restaurants that were served to all participants and passerby at Central World, Bangkok. The plates on which these meals were served were later included in the more than 2,000 dirty plates used in the competition.
"We strongly believe that this dishwashing competition, which set a new world record, is a key activation to drive the growth of the total market for dishwashing liquid, which is worth over 4,000 million baht (£77 million), while strengthening Sunlight’s leadership,” concluded Ms. Suthipa on the ongoing relationship between Guinness World Records and Unilever Thai Trading Limited.
Sunlight UNilever Guinness World Records certificate