The town council of Ponte da Barca in Portugal wanted to make this year’s Romaria de São Bartolomeu event especially memorable and exciting for its residents.

The occasion started out religious celebration and grew into a large cultural festival, so the council decided to challenge a record that would honour the region’s history.

Members of local folk groups were invited to attempt the Largest Portuguese folk dance, and increase the record of 544 people that was set during the festival back in 2015.

Largest Portuguese folk dance 2

They practiced for three months leading up to the attempt, learning a choreographed dance known as “Vira do Minho”.

Largest Portuguese folk dance 3

The enormous performance took place in the town square, with official Guinness World Records judge Jack Brockbank adjudicating.

He announced that an incredible 661 participants had become “Officially Amazing”.

The dancers were accompanied by Portuguese folk musicians and the performance lasted over six minutes.