Deloitte Southeast Asia aimed for the skies last Friday when it succeeded in setting a new paper aircraft world record .

A total of 803 Deloitte employees from across ten locations around Southeast Asia came together to set a Guinness World Records title for the Most People Making Paper Aircrafts Simultaneously in Multiple Locations.


The professional services firm had been interested in developing an event with a record breaking theme that would build brand eminence in the marketplace as well as drive engagement internally.

After much discussion with Guinness World Records creative team, they identified the paper plane record as a title that they could potentially achieve.


Called “Take flight to 2020”, the record-breaking event was designed to be a platform for Deloitte’s staff to inspire and be inspired by the vision and dreams of fellow colleagues.

The attempt coincided with Deloitte’s annual Southeast Asia Partners Conference – a large scale change management activity and strategy building exercise to launch Deloitte’s global 2020 strategy held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore.


Delegates at the conference were joined by Deloitte staff in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam for the attempt which began simultaneously at 11.38am (Singapore time).

Participants were required to fold three paper aircrafts within 15 minutes and to write on the aircraft their dreams and what the Deloitte 2020 vision meant to them. A total of 3,067 planes were folded in the allotted time, with each aircraft made by the participants forming a symbolic gesture of their dreams and aspirations taking flight with Deloitte.


The Guinness World Records record title attempt proved to be a resounding success, enabling Deloitte Southeast Asia to bring together its people across multiple locations in a meaningful and innovative way by engaging their aspirations.

Speaking after the attempt, Dr Janson Yap, Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Innovation Leader who led the firm in their record-setting effort said: “This exercise rallies the collective Deloitte Southeast Asia, and demonstrates the cohesiveness of our people.


“It also shows the innovative culture within Deloitte, where we harness the power of our people to harvest good quality ideas that will help us structure and advance our business as we navigate the ever-changing marketplace”.