When International Lobster Festivals, Inc., decided it wanted to put its annual Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival on the map, it turned to record-breaking in what it knew best: lots of lobster.

Held annually since 1999, the 2013 Lobster Festival set an unprecedented crustacean record treble, setting three records in the span of a day:

-The most lobsters cooked simultaneously in the same cooker: 950

-The largest serving of lobster: 1,126 lb 8.8 oz (510.99 kg)

-And the most lobsters served in 8 hours: 9,060

All records were broken at the festival’s San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant location in San Pedro, California, home to the festival since 2009.

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It wasn’t the first time this festival had broken a record, as it dished out the most seafood prepared at an outdoor event that same year. It also wasn’t the first time the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival pulled off a unique stunt to garner attention: past festivals have featured skydivers, car test drives, and the festivities also double as an indie music festival each year.

But with its 2009 record recently broken and a new chance available to cement its place in the lobster festival landscape, festival producer Jim Hall knew exactly the move.

"The idea for attempting three records was, you may as well go big or go home,” Hall said.

Not exactly sure what records would work best for his event's ambition, Hall and his team engaged with Guinness World Records to come up with a list of potential records that would both meet the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival’s objectives and fit with its brand.

With history made three times over, Hall understood the magnitude of what his event has accomplished. For an event that has raised more than a quarter million dollars for charity in years past, the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival and San Pedro Fish Markets continue to find ways to set themselves apart.

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“We have spared no expense to bring this honor to San Pedro. The team at San Pedro Fish Markets has been preparing for this for several months,” Hall said on the event’s official site. “The folks at Guinness World Records have been terrific to work with and … San Pedro is going to have some serious bragging rights.”