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14-year-old Daisy is world’s youngest female football referee


Soccer-mad teenager has been confirmed as the world’s youngest female football referee by Guinness World Records.

The 14-year-old from Somerset (UK) received her level nine qualifications from The Football Association on her birthday earlier this year.

Daisy Goldsmith

Daisy, who supports English Championship side Watford, had to undertake a two-week training course for a total of 16 hours to qualify to take charge of under-11 football matches.

She had to pass a multiple choice exam before taking a practical test that involved analysing a match on DVD.
In her first match as a qualified FA referee, Daisy gave a penalty against a team from her own school.

Speaking to local newspaper, The Bridgewater Mercury Daisy said: “I got into football when I was ten and moved from an all-girls school to a primary school. Then I decided to take up refereeing because I thought it would develop my all-round mentality towards the game and make me a better player.

“My friends are fine with it because they know I am sporty. In fact some are proud of me.”

Daisy, who plays for local side Bishop's Lydeard, says she hopes to become an adult referee and make it a part-time job when she turns 16.

She joins a rank of 25,502 qualified referees in England, only 407 of whom are female.

While Daisy sets a new record for female refs, the record for the youngest ever person to referee a competitive football match is still held by Samuel Keplinger (Germany) who was 9 years 302 days old when he officiated the 0-0 draw between SSV Bobingen and SV Reinhartshausen in Bavaria, Germany on 24 February 2008.

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