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Two Records Set in Hong Kong, China


On 17 March 2011, at Hong Kong International Airport, China- the “aircraft pulling” event set two new records for Guinness World Records™, namely “heaviest combined aircrafts pulled simultaneously" and the "heaviest aircraft pulled over 100 m by a team".

heaviest combined aircraft pulled simultaneously
 The event was jointly organized by the Civil Aviation Department and the aviation industry to celebrate the 100th anniversary of aviation development in Hong Kong. Hong Kong aviation started on March 18, 1911 when pioneer Belgian aviator Charles Van den Born took off in a Henry Farman biplane from the beach at Sha Tin .

Heaviest aircraft pulled over 100 m by a team

During the first pull, a Boeing 747 from Cathay Pacific Airways, two Airbus 330s from Hong Kong Dragon Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines and a Zlin Z242L aircraft from Government Flying Service, were pulled by the Hong Kong Community simultaneously. The total weight was 474.72 tonnes in total, exceeding the minimum requirement for this new record. The second pulling involved 100 members of disciplinary and security forces of the Hong Kong International Airport , who pulled the Boeing 747 aircraft weighing 218.56 tonnes forward for 100 m. By following all the requirements of the guidelines, the participants set a new record for "heaviest aircraft pulled over 100 m by a team".

heaviest aircraft pulled over 100 m by a team certificate presentation
Guinness World Records™ Adjudicator Angela Wu adjudicated at the twp attempts. She checked that everything was done according to the guidelines of Guinness World Records™, and presented the official certificates at the ceremony held after the attempt.

(Picture courtesy:Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong, China )


By Angele Wu
5 May 2011

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