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Loudest purr by a domestic cat


Guinness World Records is pleased to announce that Smokey, a 12 year-old female British short-hair cat, has been recognised as having achieved the Loudest purr by a domestic cat at 67.7 dB (LA peak).

 Loudest purr by a domestic cat

Smokey is owned by Ruth Adams (UK) and lives at Spring Hill farm, Pitsford, Northampton, UK.  Ruth said: “Smokey and I are very excited at being awarded the Guinness World Records™ title for the Loudest purring domestic cat.  We originally started a purring competition in our home town of Northampton to promote the cats charity ‘Cats Protection’. We wish to thank all those who have supported Smokey with her record attempt and especially wish to thank Northampton College for organising the trials and supplying the expertise I needed to comply with the technical aspects of a Guinness World Records Claim. We are very happy and purring loudly at the announcement that we hold a Guinness World Records title.”

Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records, said: “Guinness World Records is a veritable cat-alogue of fantastic felines, and Smokey is a welcome addition to the family. It’s incredible to think that a cat’s purr can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner!”

Further Information: The loudest animal sound is the low-frequency pulses made by blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) and fin whales (B. physalus) when communicating with each other. These whales reach an amazing 188 dB on the decibel scale, creating the loudest sounds emitted by any living source. Total silence is 0 dB, a lawnmower - 90 dB, car horn - 110 dB, - a rock concert -- 120 dB. Blue whales and fin whales are louder than all of these!

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