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New Guinness World Records titles set at Virgin London Marathon 2011


It's been a busy day for our on-site adjudication team at the Virgin London Marathon. We've seen 34 records broken today, and we will potentially be verifying two others tomorrow, subject to confirmation of time - watch this space.

Below are the 34 Guinness World Records titles achieved so far.

  • Fastest marathon in superhero costume (male)
    David Stone (UK), 2hr 42m 46s
  • Fastest marathon in Animal costume (male)
    Martin Indge as an ostrich, 3h 04m 00s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a book character (male)
    David Ross as Dennis the Menace, 3h 02m 30s  
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a cartoon character
    Jon Morgan as Fred Flintstone, 2h 46m 59s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a jester
    Alexander Scherz, 3hr 11m 57s  
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a fairy (male)
    David Hellard, 3h 10m 56s  
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a fairy (female)
    Emily Foran, 3h 20m 52s 
  • Fastest marathon dressed as television character (male)
    Simon Bryant as Captain Kirk, 3h 21m 22s  
  • Fastest marathon in an animal costume (female)
    Barbara Stcherbatcheff as a peacock, 3h 42m 11s
  • Fastest marathon in a wedding dress
    Eleanor Franks, 4hr 11m 01s
  • Fastest marathon wearing a gas mask
    Andy McMahon, 3hr 12m 11s
  • Fastest marathon in police uniform
    Paul Swan, 3hr 09m 52s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a Roman soldier
    Les Slinn, 4hr 05m 34s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a lifeguard
    David Bayley, 3hr 44m 33s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a Viking
    Ben Afforselles, 3hr 12 m 11s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable (female)
    Julie Tapley as a carrot, 4hr 06m 17s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as an astronaut
    Darren Cox, 3h 53m 21s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a bottle (male)
    Gavin Rees, 3hr 53m 26s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a gingerbread man
    David Smith, 3hr 42m 20s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a Mr. Potato Head
    Peter Barlow, 4hr 17m 38s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a sailor
    Subhashis Basu, 3hr 24m 12s
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a nun
    Ben Bradley, 4hr 00m 28s
  • Most Rubik's Cubes solved running a marathon
    Uli Killian (Germany), 100 cubes in 4hr 45m 43s
  • Fastest marathon carrying 40 lb pack
    Lee Riley, 4hr 1m 17s
  • Fastest marathon carrying 60 lb pack
    Carl Creasey, 4hr 50m 56s
  • Fastest marathon completed on crutches (one leg)
    John Sandford Hart, 6hr 24m 48s
  • Fastest parent and child mixed
    Richard Collinson (2:45:26) and Libby Collinson (3:36:39) Total: 6hr 22m 05s
  • Fastest parent and child same sex
    Kelvin Amos (3:12:04) and Shane Amos (2:51:03) Total: 6hr 03m 07s
  • Fastest married couple
    Jez Mancer (2:35:36) and Lucy Mancer (3:02:00) Total: 5hr 37m 36s
  • Most marathons completed on crutches
    John Sandford Hart, 6 marathons
  • Fastest marathon in a nurse's uniform (male)
    Kevin Harvey, 2hr 52m 26s
  • Most money raised by a marathon runner
    Steve Chalke, total amount tbc, but already over £1.8m
  • Most runners linked to complete a marathon
    47 runners led by David Whillans, in a time of 7hr 28m 43s

Congratulations to all our new record breakers, all running to raise money for worthy charities!

London, 17th April, 9.40pm




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