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Largest backpack


0n 3rd February 2011 Safta S.A, a family run luggage company from Valencia was attempting the Guinness World Records title for the largest backpack/rucksack. With years of expertise behind them, Safta S.A was eager to unveil their creations at the Intergift expo in Feria de Madrid to a host of spectators and clients.

largest rucksack

I arrived the evening before the giant backpack was to be revealed to the public so that I may take a closer inspection of the item.

Largest rucksack

I was amazed by the craftsmanship that had gone into to creating such a detailed and functional bag considering the magnitude of it. Every zip, label and stitch was an exact replica of the regular sized bag it had been modelled from.

largest rucksack

The team at Safta S.A had informed me that they had spent an entire year planning the creation as well as having it manufactured. It was instantly easy to see why and how such an extensive period of time was spent creating it as the quality of the bag was outstanding.

largest rucksack

After marvelling at the rucksack for quite some time, I was given the opportunity to thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of it, making sure that the material and construction of it was of the best very standard. With the help of an independent surveyor I then noted down all the dimensions of the rucksack in order to calculate that it truly was at least 10 times larger than the regular rucksack and in fact beat the previous record.

Largest rucksack

The following day on 3rd February during the Intergift convention at the expo in Feria Madrid I was able to announce and confirm that the backpack measured 4.31 metres in height, 3.21 metres in width and 1.47 metres in depth making it a new Guinness World Records title!

Congratulations to Safta S.A on your wonderful creation and new achievement!

3rd February 2011

By Tarika Vara

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