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Largest Heart Formation


On Saturday, 27 February, I and all of northern Mexico witnessed the gathering in Monterrey’s Parque Fundidora which would be confirmed as the new Guinness World Record for the Largest Heart Formation.


The event, organized by Multimedios TV and radio, took weeks of preparation on the part of the broadcasters. Not only did they have to ensure that enough people attended the event to break the previous record of 8,506, but they also had to ensure that so many thousands of attendees would all be sporting the red attire required by the Guinness World Records guidelines. From the air, the gathering needed to be instantly recognizable as a red heart shape. In the days leading up to the event, Multimedios TV had a near-constant crawl at the bottom of the screen (in red, of course) inviting viewers to the event and reminding them to wear their brightest reds. They also handed out 30,000 red headscarves in order to make the image even redder when seen from above.


When my Multimedios liaison arrived the morning of the event to pick me up, he informed me that scores of heart enthusiasts had been lined up outside the baseball park since 6 that morning (the doors didn’t open until noon!). On the ride there, we saw more and more red-attired people headed over to take their place in line. The final countdown for the record was not to take place until 6 that evening, but many people arrived early in the day to catch the series of musical acts performing before the main event. Stages were set up on both sides of the massive heart shape, which measured 125.86 m (137.64 yd) at its widest point.

As the day went on, we began to see the heart take shape as it steadily filled with people dressed in red and wearing the headscarves provided by the TV station. After 3 p.m., when Multimedios began its live broadcast of the event, the crowd began to pour in to see the more popular musical acts like Carlos Bauta and LMT. Just after 6 p.m., the entrance and exit were closed for the 10 minutes required by the guidelines, and the final countdown began! Once the 10 minutes were up, participants inside the heart released dozens of red balloons, a sight as beautiful on the ground as it was in the pictures taken from the helicopter. Finally, it was time to confer with the counters at the entrance and exit to obtain the final total, and take a look at the pictures taken from the air. All in all, Multimedios was able to gather 11,166 people from Nuevo León to set the new Guinness World Record! Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, governor of the state of Nuevo León, was on hand for the festivities, and proudly accepted the certificate live on Multimedios along with his family.

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Congratulations to Mulitmedios on organizing a hugely successful event, and to the people of Nuevo León for coming together to set a new world record!

Kimberly Partrick


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