Aged just 18, Ben Nuttall (UK) is taking the football freestyle world by storm.

Not only has he performs at many big events, including the Champions League Final 2018, he also travels the world performing his tricks, and he's a multiple Guinness World Records (GWR) title holder to boot. 

Having already achieved most consecutive rugby ball touches with the feet (187) and most football neck catch passes in one minute (41), Ben recently stopped by GWR HQ to show off his incredible skills and attempt another record, this time for the most football touches in one minute whilst wearing 5 kg ankle weights.

He smashed the minimum requirement of 60, achieving an amazing 217.

Going into the attempt with a positive outlook and lots of training helped Ben prepare for the day. 

Ben during his official record attempt

"I thought I’d do it easily as I’ve been doing it in training and had no problems," he explained. 

Ben's career has been inspired in part by Freestyle UK, world champion, and fellow Guinness World Records title holder, Andrew Henderson.

After being kicked out of his youth football team at 13, Ben spent a lot of time on YouTube watching football videos, when one of Andrew's football freestyle clips popped up.


"I’d never really seen it before and I just thought it was really cool. I tried some tricks in my garden and just got hooked."

Ben then spent the next five years honing his skill before deciding to make it a full-time profession.

"After I left sixth form, I went into it full-time. I perform at events, live events on stages, even in adverts."

Performing on stage in front of crowds of people much be daunting - but Ben takes it all in his stride. 

"I'm confident in my ability, but every time, five minutes before I get a little bit nervous. But as soon as I start doing it, as soon as I step on the stage, I get adrenaline and it kind of takes over. I just forget about the nerves."

Ben has even gone on on to create his own tricks. 

"I like to create my own tricks – I don’t really like copying other people really."

Sometimes a take a trick from one guy then a trick from another and merge them together or something, and then it becomes something new." 

I created my own trick in 2015, it's just named after me, nothing complex, just the Ben trick."

"It involves a 360 turn, with a backheel and then an around the world – it’s quite complex but it's my signature move."


Ben even coaches football freestyle in schools, which he enjoys. 

"It's one of my favourite things to do. I didn’t have anyone to coach me when I started, it was all self taught, so I know the importance of it.

"You get lots of tips and stuff you wouldn’t know if you didn’t have a coach.

"I love to show the kids tricks, when they get a trick I get a good buzz from it."

With three record titles now under his belt, Ben is planning on taking a little break from record breaking - but not for too long. 

"There are some other freestyle records I’d like to break.

"Before I had any I wanted to get three, that was my aim, I thought I’d be content with that.

"I’m happy for now, I might leave it a bit, but I think I’ll go for five in the future, then ten."

We can't wait to welcome Ben back to the world of record breaking soon!

You can find Ben on Instagram at @bnfreestyle.