Jarvis Landry with his Guinness World Records title achieved during the Superbowl

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, millions of Americans watched as the New England Patriots took on the Los Angeles Rams in a 13-3 win. The win was record-breaking for Tom Brady who now holds the title for the Most Super Bowl wins by an individual player with 9. The Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick at the age of 66 years 293 days also achieved the title for the Oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl.

Online viewers of CBS Sports HQ’s dedicated pre-game live show were able to also watch history in the making.

Throughout the 10-hour show, anchors and football athletes tried to enter the record books through fun and suspenseful attempts that demonstrated their skills both on and off the field.

Anchor’s Will Brinson, Pete Prisco and Hana Ostapchuk kicked off the show by attempting the Most M&M's eaten in one minute with chopsticks. It was a strong effort with Hana Ostapchuk eating a total of 21, but sadly no one managed to break the current record total of 65 M&M's.

Later in the show, Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Jarvis Landry tried to tackle the Most one-handed American football catches in one minute and break the current record of 45.

Landry had the help of CBS host and former NFL quarterback, Brady Quinn, who threw the footballs to Landry during the official attempt.

However, during the practice rounds the suspense started to build as the footballs seemed slip out of their hands. All eyes were on Landry and Quinn to see how this would play out.

After one attempt and minute later, Landry broke the record by 3 for a total of 48 footballs caught!

It was a thrilling moment once the record was confirmed and Landry proudly accepted his official Guinness World Records certificate.

Bryant “Bmac” McFadden, Hana Ostapchuk, Pete Prisco, and Will Brinson came back more determined than ever to attempt the Most  soft toys caught blindfolded in one minute with the current record standing at 25. The competition heated up and although Bryant “Bmac” McFadden and Hana Ostapchuk caught a total of 9 soft toys, it wasn’t enough to officially break the record of 25.

Finally, Georgia Tech Long Snapper Zach Roberts was ready to break the record for the Farthest snap of an American football. With the current record standing at 36.96 yards, Roberts had his work cut out for him. After many practice rounds Roberts was ready, but ultimately his best score of 31 yards did not make the cut.

We are honored to welcome Jarvis Landry into the Guinness World Records family and look forward to future record attempts from him, Zach Roberts, and the CBS Sports team.

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