Mexico is known for its deliciously rich coffee, so it comes as no surprise that hundreds came together in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to break a record for the Largest coffee tasting event.

With a total of 491 participants, individuals received three types of coffee to try, all of the C. Arabica blend; which is known for being quite strong.

Largest coffee tasting 4

Servings included:

  1. C. Arabica, which was prepared in two different ways - American and French preparation
  2. C. Arabica Caturra, Criollo and Bourbon
  3. C. Arabica Mundo Novo

Organizers had the pressure of beating the previous record of 368 participants, set by Verein Hannover 1896 (Germany).

In order for the attempt to be successful, participants had to have an explanation of each coffee variety, such as name and origin, texture, acidity, flavor, after taste, and aroma.

Largest coffee tasting 3

The attempt was organized as part of the first ever Coffee Fest Puerto Vallarta 2018, an event supported by the tourism trust, the city council through Municipal Tourism Directorate, the Vallarta Institute of Culture, to create global promotion of the Mexican city.

Aside from being a part of a record-breaking moment in history, guests also experienced a live concert and exhibition stands which explained the process of making coffee.

This isn’t the first time we have seen an extraordinary record broken with coffee. In fact, the Largest coffee bean mosaic was achieved in 2015 by Steve Halaszi in North Carolina, USA and the Largest iced coffee was created in 2014 by Caffe Bene in South Korea.

Largest coffee tasting