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German football freestyler Marcel Gurk has broken yet another record, after attempting the Most football (soccer) "clipper" tricks performed in one minute (male) in sunny Mauritius.

While on holiday in Palmar Flacq, Mauritius, Marcel decided to top off his trip with a little bit of record-breaking, performing 60 successful "clipper" tricks in one minute on 20 September 2018.

A "clipper" trick is when one leg is raised and the foot then travels behind the back of the standing leg. The ball is then controlled using the inside (instep) of the raised foot, and flicked back into the air. The raised leg is then placed back onto the ground while the ball is in the air, and the move is repeated again so the ball lands on the inside (instep) of the once again raised foot.

No stranger to record-breaking, Marcel has achieved more than 10 Guinness World Records titles, and still holds three, including the Longest time balancing a football on the shin, with an impressive 10 minutes 0.3 seconds, and Most football neck throw and catches in one minute, with a mind-boggling 62.

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21-year-old Marcel has enjoyed success as a professional football freestyler and has competed in international competitions such as Red Bull Street Style, and has had his own book about the sport, Fußball Freestyle: Lerne die besten Tricks der Welt (translation: Football Freestyle: Learn the best tricks in the world), published in 2017.

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Marcel is part of a host of football freestylers that regularly compete for Guinness World Records titles, including Brits Andrew Henderson and Ash Randall and fellow German Mohamed Jamal. 

The record holder for the Most football (soccer) "clipper" tricks performed in one minute (female) is Venezuelan Laura Biondo, who achieved 33 in San Francisco, USA in January last year. Laura also holds three other records.