The renowned players of the Harlem Globetrotters are champion record holders.

Collectively, the Globies have amassed fifteen impressive trick shot Guinness World Records titles for their extraordinary basketball technique.

Most basketball half-court shots made in one hour (team)

While each attempt has been equally jaw-dropping, one of their latest stunts drew quite the crowd at Times Square in the heart of New York City.

Achieving the Most basketball half-court shots made in one hour (team), six members of the Globetrotters netted 348 baskets while LIVE on US television show Good Morning America – making for an entertaining segment and fantastic record-breaking accomplishment.

Before the attempt began, Good Morning America present Ginger Zee interviewed Globies team member Handles Franklin who as asked if he was nervous at all.

"No, as Harlem Globetrotters that’s what we do: amazing feats of basketball. We’ve been doing it for years. We pride ourselves on being great basketball players and perfectionists."

As usual, the entertaining basketball players joked around on the court when warming up, pausing to interact with fans.

Most basketball half-court shots made in one hour (team) 1

But when it came to record-breaking, all participants set their eyes on the prize – which meant succeeding the 200 basket minimum to obtain the title.

After tallying the final count, adjudicators Michael Furnari and Alex Angert presented the team with their well-earned certificate.

Most basketball half-court shots made in one hour (team) 2

As the Globies are always eager to set more records, we look forward to seeing their next athletic feat.

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