Dedicated gymnast Zama Mofokeng has just landed a place in the record books after achieving the Guinness World Records title for the Most consecutive back handsprings (one hand) in Tembisa, South Africa.

He performed an incredible 34 handsprings one after the other, ensuring there was no more than three seconds between each flip, as required by the Guinness World Records guidelines.

The 26-year-old has been practicing gymnastics since he was just 10 years old.

“When I saw my peers doing somersaults and other types of flips, I was interested. When I started out I was not that good but I practiced until I was perfect,” he told local news outlet Tembisan.

Zama Mofokeng backflips

However, he suffered a major setback at the age of 13 when he badly fractured his hand and was unable to use it to do the sport he loved.

“I told myself I have my other hand, which is not injured, and that means I am still able to do the sport. I had no idea that my attempt to flip with one hand would set me apart from my peers,” said Zama, who also suffers from epilepsy.

Zama hopes that the record-breaking skill he has learned will inspire children to take part in gymnastics.

Zama Mofokeng (top left) with his friend and young tumbling students

“I want the government to build us a training centre so our local children can have a place to learn and progress their tumbling,” he explained in his application to Guinness World Records.

He hopes that by making headlines this will encourage the government to help.