Our new weekly video series Meet the Record Breakers – Japan Tour shines a spotlight on some of the most incredible world record holders from the nation.
Guinness World Records recently visited Japanese football/soccer freestyler Kosuke Takahashi – aka Ko-Suke – at the Tokyo Institute of Technology to adjudicate an attempt at the title Most “around the world” ball control tricks in one minute (male).
In this trick, the performer has to tap a soccer ball in the air then circle the same food around it.
The 25-year-old 2015 Asian Champion is given three tries to break the current record of 85.
Watch the video to find out how he did:
Unfortunately, after three impressive and nail-biting attempts, Ko-Suke narrowly missed out on the record with a top score of 80 ‘around the world’ soccer tricks.
“It is very tiring doing this record, it’s almost impossible to keep the same pace doing around the worlds for one minute,” he explained.
Talking about his love of freestyle football, he said: “The reason I like freestyle football is there is so much variation in the tricks, and you can choose your favourite and you can practice to improve it”.
Kosuke Takahashi football freestyler 
Ko-Suke plans to carry on training – so hopefully we'll see him come back to reattempt the record in the future.
Multiple record-breaking football freestyler John Farnworth (UK) holds the long standing current record, with 85 tricks achieved in London, UK, on 3 Oct 2008.
The record for Most ''around the world'' ball control tricks in one minute (female) is 59, achieved by Laura Biondo (Italy) at Guinness World Records HQ, in London, UK, on 4 November 2016. Laura's record attempt was filmed and streamed on Facebook Live.
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