Each week at Guinness World Records, we'll be rounding up the recent highlights from our incredible live broadcasts on our official Facebook page.
Featuring fascinating live record-breaking action and interviews from around the world, our broadcasts also give our viewers the chance to ask our talented title holders a question or two.
If you missed any of the action from the past week - no worries, we’ve gathered up a selection of the best videos for you to watch below. 
We began the week with one of the most intricate records we have ever seen – with our Facebook Live team visiting computer science graduate Austin Granger, who created the world’s Largest K’NEX ball contraption. K’NEX are a series of small parts and connective pieces (similar to LEGOs) which can be built into elaborate structures. This particular record-breaking contraption, used a total of 126,285 pieces to move small balls around the mechanism at the time of the record, but since then Austin has been adding to make it even bigger! If you’re a fan of architecture and incredible engineering, you won’t want to miss this awesome video. 

Our team went on to stay in Minnesota, USA later in the week to take a pit stop at the home of the record holder for the Largest collection of cow-related items. Officially called the “Mooseum”, in the broadcast record holder Ruth took us through her outstanding collection which she has been accumulating for more than 30 years. With a total of 15,000 objects, you’ll see cow tractors, figurines, tea pots, and even bedding! In fact, the only non-cow item you may see in this broadcast his her GWR certificate hanging on the wall (next to something cow-themed of course). To hear more about why Ruth got started in her collection and the interesting stories surrounding some of the objects, watch below. 

We then hopped over to the state capital of Minneapolis, to Sound 80 Studios – the world’s First multi-track digital recording studio. The studio is known for hosting the “greats” of musical history; where names like Prince, Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens have all recorded their hit music. Sound 80 Studios was founded in 1970, so to get the scoop of one the most historically musical records in our archives, we received a tour from one of the founders, who elaborates on the incredible icons who have walked through the doors. To hear about an intriguing moment in time, and the other people who have worked with the studio, take a look at the segment. 

In our ongoing stay of Minnesota, our host met with Bret TheAxe Pasek, who has record for the Most torches extinguished in 30 seconds by a fire eater and Most torches extinguished in one minute by a fire eater. His hunger for heated flames does not have limitations, with the skilled performer spending time to show our viewers how he pulls off these incredible stunts. He walks us through why he decided to build a career in the fire arts, including fire breathing, eating, dancing and manipulation – which involves engulfing himself in flames! He also has a special surprise at the end of the broadcast for viewers, so make sure not to miss it! 

Later on, we spent time at a local Minnesota  restaurant where host Claire asked unsuspecting onlookers to try a series of records. We asked Facebook fans before the broadcast to vote on their favourite of nine choices to air on the video – but we thought we tried them all! Ranging from titles such as Fastest time to drink a cup of coffee, Fastest time to assemble a Mr. Potato Head, all the way to Fastest time to peel and eat a lemon this is certainly a show that will leave you cracking up for more. 

And though we had several good volunteers to try their hand at record attempts - we didn’t stop there! One volunteer was so excited from his previous unsuccessful attempts, we gave him his own video to attempt the Fastest time to drink a cup of coffee! To find out if he beat the current record, check out the video.

In our final video of the week, we went to Joel Cherrico’s Pottery Studio, to visit Joel and discuss his record of Most pots thrown in an hour. Joel shows us a bit about making creations out of clay, as well as the equipment needed to break a Guinness World Records title. He also explains in detail the physical components of pottery throwing, and how he practiced for a year in advance before attempting the title. To bring out your artistic side and learn a thing or two about hand crafted art, make sure to watch!