In one of our recent Facebook Live broadcasts, host PeeWee Wiggins met up with multi-record holder Daniella D’Ville (UK) to watch her attempt an audacious record in front of a live audience. 
Set inside the home of the “Delicious Dangerous Daredevil Diva”, the sideshow performer aimed to better her record for Most rotations of a sword balanced on a dagger in one minute
Daniella already had an impressive record of nine rotations, a feat that many would not dare to attempt based on the precision, balance and vulnerable position of ones neck during the attempt. 
Nonetheless, the artist showed her fearless nature by volunteering to try again. 
With a Guinness World Records adjudicator present to verify the attempt, Daniella took the starting position on the ground and balanced a sword for a suspenseful 60 seconds. 
As it turns out, the Daredevil Diva lived up to her name, beating her previous record by three rotations and setting the bar at a high 12. 
Daniella also holds two other terrifying record titles, for Most apples held in the mouth and cut in half by a chainsaw in one minute at 12, and Fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks on the body (female) at 30.4 seconds, both which she accomplished with record holding partner Johnny Strange. 
Facebook Live Rewind Daniella D'ville 1
In the video below, you can also watch PeeWee and Daniella check out a bed of nails and a bright yellow python. 
To see action from the broadcast, and witness the daring Daniella beat her previous record, click the video below.