The Guinness World Records 2018 annual hit shelves this year, accompanied by two other exciting editions.

While the superhero-themed Guinness World Records 2018 book is filled with more action-packed feats and impressive superlatives than ever before, the 11th edition of the well-loved Gamer’s Edition and Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals bring new and exciting features to the table.

Complete with engaging activities, celebrity interviews and fascinating round ups on the world's most astonishing achievements, each read has a something for everyone.

Though many are familiar with the stimulating facts in the Guinness World Records series, here’s a few extraordinary features that you might not realise are in the new books.

1. Superheroes Timeline

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They’re the fastest, the strongest, and the most invincible – we believe record holders are the world's superheroes! This year's book centres around the real-life heroes who have accomplished incredible feats. While the pages of the 2018 edition shine with ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, we also decided to showcase some classic superheroes.

In the Guinness World Records 2018 edition, we present a list of characters in a chronological timeline, ordered by their very first appearance - whether that be in a movie, comic book or somewhere else. Illustrated in their original costumes, you’ll find everyone from Wonder Woman all the way to Disney’s The Incredibles.

We also have a poster version that you can print out in 21 different languages!

2. Pet IQ test

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Ever wanted to know if your cat or dog was brilliantly smart? Well, in our new Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book, you’ll find out if your best friend is a regular Einstein.

Compiled by animal behaviorists Rosie Barclay, chair of the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors, and Dr. Sarah Ellis for the International Cat Care charity, this series of tests will tell you how your cat or dog learns, observes, and memorises commands.

After running through each exercise, you'll know your pet's strengths and weaknesses – and be able to rate their intelligence based on a number system. Once you've finished that, you can see how well you can read your pet's mind on the following page! Learn what your cat or dog is trying to say with a series of body language cues. The entire "Tricks and Stunts" section of this book makes bonding with your furry friend better than ever before.

3. Gaming urban legends

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Passionate gamers often have superstitions about their favourite titles. It's rumoured that a Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask cartridge in the USA is haunted by evil spirits and that every cover of Madden NFL is cursed – but which of these tales are true? We investigate which are fact or fiction in the Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer's Edition. This special feature is a must-read for any video-game enthusiast that wants to learn more about urban myths, some of which date back to the 1980s.

4. Robo animals

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They might look cute and cuddly on the outside, but they’re hard-wired on the inside! On the "Animal Wonders" pages of Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals, we take a look at some of the most evolved technological critters around the globe. From mechanical giraffes to fuzzy harp seals, they are the most fascinating fusions of nature and futuristic technology. In each section, you’ll learn about why each robotic animal was created as well as what record they currently hold.

5. Panda-monium

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It’s sheer panda-monium in this year’s main book – with an entire section dedicated to the black and white mammal. Across two pages, Panda lovers will discover some of the most incredible facts about the Asia-based bear, including facts about the Oldest living panda in captivity, the Newest giant panda species and how red pandas are related to giant pandas! There are even fun explanations on the characteristics of the species, such as their eyesight and an expensive form of green tea which is fertilised by panda poo. By the end of reading this page-turning spread, you'll be able to convince others you’re a panda expert.

For all this and more, pick up the Guinness World Records 2018 collection from a store near you.  

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