This week in Borneo, Malaysia, over 400 female weavers from the Bakun, Murum and Baram communities were awarded a Guinness World Records title for hand-crafting the Longest rug ever, measuring an amazing 1128.272 m.
To put that into perspective, the rug would more than cover the height of Angel Falls in Venuzuala, the highest waterfall in the world (979 m/3,212 ft).
The weavers were from an indigenous tribe known as Orang Ulu which is only found in Borneo. The record-breaking rug was created as a symbol of local culture and tradition, as the women in this tribe are well known for being skilled rattan mat weavers.
Women weaving the longest rug
The attempt was organised by a local women’s organisation called Peng Doh Belaga and sponsored by Sarawak Energy Berhad.
The entire rug was expertly hand-woven by women from all over Malaysia, before the individual pieces were gathered and joined together.
At the Bakun Resettlement Community Hall, Guinness World Records adjudicator Rishi Nath confirmed that the enormous mat had broken the previous record - a 797.51 m (2,616 ft 5 in) long rug manufactured by Hemtex AB in Sweden in 2010.
Longest rug certificate presentation
The women began constructing the rug in January this year, and over the past five months they have been filmed for a documentary called ‘Mat Weaver's Tale’. The film follows their record-breaking journey and celebrates the region’s heritage of mat weaving.
Longest rug Mat Weavers Tale