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Fired from a giant crossbow, Brian Miser (USA) made a dazzling trajectory of 31.87 m (104 ft 7 in) for CCTV’s Guinness World Records Special and Lo Show dei Record in Peru, Indiana, USA, setting the record for the Farthest distance as a human arrow (full-body burn).
Farthest distance as a human arrow (full body burn) before launch
During the epic stunt, the certified daredevil was fully engulfed by flames, alight from his toes to his head.

Brian Miser – also known as ‘The Human Fuse’ – has been performing as a professional human cannonball since 1999.

The First human arrow took place at Barnum & Bailey, USA, back in 1896. Under the stage name of Alar the Human Arrow, aka Mary Zedora or Mary Murphy (Frances Elizabeth Mary “Pansy” Murphy) was shot from a giant crossbow 12.19 m (40 ft) through a paper target to a catcher on a trapeze.
The record distance a human has been fired as an arrow is 22.9m 75ft in the case of Vesta Gueschkova (Bulgaria), billed as Airiana, who was launched from a crossbow at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Tampa, Florida, USA on December 27, 1995.
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