With the NCAA tournament reaching its exciting final stages next week, a giant 16-story super-sized bracket is set to earn the tournament a prestigious title all of its own.
Said to be 44,000 square feet in size (that’s the size of nine basketball courts) and weighing as much as the average car, (almost two tons), the 165-foot construction took 12 days to build and attach to the east side of the JW Marriott hotel in Indianapolis last month.
Designed and built by Sport Graphics, the bracket has been updated each Monday with the weekend’s results, tracking the road to the championship which will reach its conclusion in Indianapolis.
A Guinness World Records adjudicator will be on hand tomorrow to confirm if the construction has indeed set a new record for Largest sports tournament bracket.
Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s reckoning for the bracket, JoAn Scott, NCAA managing director of men’s basketball championships said: “Indianapolis has a great history of hosting the NCAA Final Four and providing a one-of-a-kind championship experience for college athletes,” 
“We want to get everyone excited for the Final Four and what better way to do this than by putting a larger-than-life bracket on display in the city.”