To a passerby, the local bank branch in Macusani, Peru would appear no different from any other bank. People chat amongst themselves as they wait in line to deposit checks, open accounts and make transfers to pay their bills.

However, the Banco de la Nación branch in Macusani isn’t just any bank—it’s the highest altitude bank branch in the world, located at 4,387 metres (14,393 ft) above sea level.

That’s the same height above sea level as 13 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other!

Town in the Peruvian Andes gets the record for highest altitude bank branch

After investigating high altitude bank offices all over the world, Guinness World Records made the trip to Macusani in late November.

Carlos Martinez, a GWR adjudicator for Latin America, presented the award certificate to Artuto Villanueva, president of Banco de la Nación, in the town’s main plaza.

Highest bank branch - Carlos Martinez

“This recognition is a testament to Banco de la Nación’s commitment to providing banking services and financial inclusion to people who might not have access otherwise,” said Villanueva. Perched high in the Andes Mountains, the town of Macusani has just over 11,000 residents, many of whom belong to indigenous groups.

Town in the Peruvian Andes gets the record for highest altitude bank branch - dance celebration

The certificate presentation kicked off the bank’s 50 anniversary celebration.

This isn’t the first time that a high altitude record has been broken in Peru: the Andean nation also holds records for the highest altitude gas pipeline, which runs between Chiquintirca and Pampa Melchorita at 4,900 metres, and the highest altitude wind generator in Pastoruri at 4,877 metres. These Peruvian records enter the GWR annals alongside other structures built at record-high altitudes. The highest palace can be found in Potala, Tibet at 3,700 metres above sea level, and the highest hotel is the Hotel Everest View at the Mount Everest base camp in Nepal 3,962 metres above sea level.