Meet the inspiring record-breaker who has overcome disability and developed a unique and striking talent.
Balanced in a handstand position on his own crutches, Tameru Zegeye (Ethiopia) covered 100 m in a rapid 57.00 seconds to set the record for the Fastest 100 m in forearm crutches - inverted.
Tameru was born with deformed feet and cannot use his legs, but he refused to let this stop him from achieving his dreams and impressively learned to move on his hands during early childhood.
He now works as a circus performer and lives in Germany.
Tameru’s perseverance and skill earned him a place in the GWR 2016 book and he says: “I feel really very very happy because I am one of the Guinness World Records holders … I am unique, this is my unique talent… Everything is possible.”
Tameru is featured alongside thousands of the most amazing and talented individuals from all over the globe in the Guinness World Records 2016 book: out now.
2016 Guinness World Records Books