Once upon a time...the Tanglin Trust School of Singapore was the belle of the ball.

The students and staff at Tanglin and their record for largest gathering of people dressed as storybook characters waltzed to a win in last week's Fan Choice, using its collection of costumed princesses, wizards, and animals to earn the victory.

Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favourite. The winners from each week, like the Tanglin Trust School, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.

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This week's list of nominees vying for your vote includes a massive water-rocket launch and a touch of Asian dancing coming to the U.S., but first, has Hogwarts come to life?


Record: 2,183 aspiring witches and wizards

Holder: Paulino Gil Rodrigo (Spain)

Location: Zamora, Spain

That's not all: Paulino has organized the Zamora International Festival of Magic for two decades and, to celebrate the event's 20th anniversary, decided that attempting a world record was the way to go. Participants were required to wave their wands, surely while casting spells, for a minimum of 1 minute.


Fan Choice cat in hat.jpg

Record: 1,000

Holder: RJ Julia Booksellers (USA)

Location: Madison, Connecticut, USA

That's not all: RJ Julia, helped by The Country School of Madison and Zane's Cycles as sponsors, held the attempt both to celebrate Dr. Seuss' 110th birthday anniversary and to raise awareness to the importance of early childhood literacy.


Fan Choice tinikling.jpg

Record: 344 dancers

Holder: Team Ross 500 Hands (USA) and De La Salle Health Sciences Institute Physical Therapy Alumni Association (Philippines)

Location: AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, USA

That's not all: The famous Philippine dance was performed in traditional dress and bamboo poles. Team Ross 500 Hands is an organisation supporting Ross Sajo, a young mother who has pancreatic cancer. The organization attempted the record together with the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute Physical Therapy Alumni Association to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan victims, as well as for the De Salle outreach programme for children with disabilities.


Fan Choice sunglasses.jpg

Record: 1,675 wearers

Holder: Gilda's LaughFest (USA)

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

That's not all: The shades-in-the-dark attempt kicked off the fourth annual LaughFest, which says it was founded to celebrate the gift of laughter that late Saturday Night Live comedian Gilda Radner gave to those fighting with cancer. This year's LaughFest featured more than 800 artists performing at 250 events at 50 venues across the 10-day spectacular.



Record: 1,056 rockets

Holder: Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee Kung Yik She Secondary School (China)

Location: Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong, China

That's not all: The school states that it places high importance on scientific and technological education, and what better way to learn than by doing? After conducting various classroom studies on the science behind water-rocket launching, the kids put their theory to action and resulted in what you see above.

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