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Now that is the definition of every vote counting!

Last week's Fan Choice came down to the wire and, by the slimmest margin we've seen in over a year of competition, the tallest domino structure squeaked past the highest bar in a building by a mere 0.4% to secure the win. The final score sat at 44.9% to 44.5% of votes, and the dominoes move on.

As a reminder, every Friday we'll pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background info on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.

This week features a brownie requiring a lot of milk to eat and one hefty pepper. But first, where's Michael Flatley?!


Record: 1,693 participants

Holder: Abhann Productions (Ireland)

Location: Dublin, Ireland

That's not all: This attempt took place at a Riverdance festival, which already sounds like the most fun way to spend an afternoon. The line spanned crossed over the city's Samuel Beckett Bridge and then ran along the two banks of the River Liffey. Abhann are the production company of the official Riverdance show.


Fanchoice pepper.jpg

Record: 521.63 grams (1 lb 2.4 oz)

Holder: Sandy Burrell (USA) 

Location: Northern Tropics Greenhouse of Muncie, Indiana, USA

That's not all: Now a world record holder, Sandy almost gave this historic pepper away. As owner of a farmer's market, Burrell had noticed a number of unusually large bell peppers in her crop this summer. She originally put this record-breaker up for sale - like all the others - before she and her daughter Amanda agreed this was a keeper and thought to check in with Guinness World Records. The rest is history.


Fanchoice Catwalk.jpg

Record: 3,083 models

Holder: Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Moda, Casa de Francia (Mexico)

Location: Mexico City, Mexio

That's not all: The IESMODA Casa de Francia had a number of goals in mind when attempting this record, all related to enriching their students and staff around the world of fashion. Accordingn to a statement from the institute, this record was done to challenge the entire student body and staff to achieve one goal together, and to prove that fashion is for people of all looks.


Fanchoice Brownie.jpg

Record: 106.2 kg (234 lb 3 oz)

Holder: Something Sweet Bake Shop (USA)

Location: Daphne, Alabama, USA

That's not all: Something Sweet co-owners Joan Scott and Gayle Hohman baked this mega-brownie to celebrate their shop's 5th anniversary and raise money for an area food bank. A custom-made pan and forklift were used to get the brownie into an over. The ingredients list required 27 lb of chocolate, 54 lb of butter, and 432 eggs!


Fanchoice Stilts jump.jpg

Record: 2.76 m (9 ft 0.66 in)

Holder: Lars Oetken (Germany)

Location: Berlin, Germany

That's not all: Oetken made his attempt at BouncerCamp2013, the fourth annual event of the best spring-loaded stilt jumpers from Germany and Austria casually meeting to share tricks and battle on stilts. Of the 52 participants, three made attempts at the high jump record, with Oetken coming out on top.

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