It's a common frustration for many people enjoying a night out: you just want to order a drink at the bar as quickly as possible and get back to your friends at Big Buck Hunter. But slow bartenders, big crowds, or complicated orders can really kill the vibe.

If this hits a little too close to home, we have some words of advice: visit whatever bar employs Sheldon Wiley.

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The veteran bartender, who as recently as last year set the record for the most cocktails made in one minute with 18, has now for the second time in his career broken the record across 60 minutes.

This time, at New York's Bounce Sporting Club, Wiley mixed 1,905 drinks to retake the title for most cocktails made in one hour.

Wiley originally broke this record in March 2011, mixing 1,003 drinks. After Las Vegas mixologist Erik Mora topped that with 1,559 drinks in December, Wiley sought out the chance to recapture his crown. Wiley says the key to the huge jump in drinks is the use of a soda gun, as opposed to only bottles, which is permitted as per the record guidelines.

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The official rules state that each cocktail requires a minimum of three ingredients - at least one of which must be alcoholic - and that no cocktail can be duplicated. With the Stoli Premium Vodka brand sponsoring his attempt, Wiley had eight different vodka flavors and Bounce's entire inventory at his disposal to make every drink unique.

After the attempt, all drinks were served to the participants and media on hand. And Wiley - the now self-proclaimed "world's fastest bartender" - returned to the top shelf of Guinness World Records-certified mixologists.

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