Hi friends! It is that time again to get an update from the officially amazing world of Challengers.

The Sochi Olympics are underway, and here at Guinness World Records we are excited to watch amazing athletes compete for an Olympic medal. It is the same excitement that we have when we see our very own Challengers here compete for a record. Many of our Challengers have trained and practiced diligently before they post their video attempts, using that same dedication for greatness!

I know some challenges might not turn into actual Olympic sports, but the varied selection from this month does show some of the best of the best in our Challengers' community! Here's a selection from a couple different categories.


Ashrita Furman is well known in the Guinness World Records community as someone who is committed to training and practice before his official attempts. In fact, you could call him the Michael Phelps of record-breaking, as he owns the most ever. Now, he's giving Challengers a shot! Check out his first attempt, for the most drinks opened with ringpulls in 30 seconds.


How high can these bottles get? We feel that Sylvio Sabba will need to attempt this record for most plastic bottles balanced on one fingeroutside soon, or else he'll run out of space in his home.


This record takes great teamwork and precise throwing and catching skills: the most dice caught in cupped hands while blindfolded. These guys have been true competitors for this record title. Take a look at their attempt below to see if you and your teammate can catch up and beat the current record!


There are a few records on Challengers that we noticed have not been broken nor even attempted in quite a long time. We hope to showcase some of these challenges to encourage new and old Challengers to step up to the plate and attempt to break some records! These challenges showcase some amazing skill, so we know it may be difficult. But, like an Olympic athlete, we know you guys can train and improve these numbers! Hope to see new faces for the record attempts below:

Most hula hoop rotations while standing on one leg in 1 minute

More than 200 rotations!!! Watch the official count and see if you can beat the current record:

Most eggs held in one hand

We know it might be difficult to beat this current record, but we also know there is an egg-cellent candidate out there who can do it!

Highest score on Level 1-1 of "Poached Eggs" on Angry Birds (Chrome game)

This gaming record has stood for sometime now…since 2011! Let's see if we can get more of you gamers out there to try and beat this to get your names into our next Gamer's Edition.

That's it for now! Learn how to use the site HERE and we'll be back with more amazing attempts next month!

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