This is it.

After months of weekly competitions, and the last month putting the best of those winners against each other in a single-elimination bracket, we've arrived at the final two achievements in our quest to crown the Fan Choice record of the year. Let's take a look!



Record: 12,632

Holder: Annie Maria Bissoondial (USA)

Location: Greenacres, Florida, USA

That's not all: By skips in this case, we mean jumping rope. Bissoondial jumped to raise awareness for her non-profit organization, Jumping For Kids, which helps fight childhood obesity, and broke her own record of 11,527 skips set in 2012. In this attempt, she averaged 3.5 skips per second!

A No. 6 seed in this competition, the most skips in one hour has enjoyed a Cinderella run, defeating a No. 1 seed, No. 2 seed, and a pair of No. 3s to make the finals. In the semis, it won by a mere 0.3% voting margin to stay alive in the closest vote we've seen all tournament.


Gaming party.jpg

Record: 510 gamers

Holder: Bharti Airtel, Ltd – Team Karnataka (India)

Location: Mangalore, India

That's not all: The game of choice was Sudoku, played by the gathered participants for the required 15 minutes as part of a workday conference.

On its way to the finals, the largest mobile phone gaming party has only grown stronger in its voting. Defeating a No. 6, No. 2, No. 5, and No. 1 seed, its closest margin of victory was a still-comfortable 20%, with a largest margin of victory at a nearly 60% difference.

So who will it be? The individual physical achievement of endurance? The organized gathering of teamwork?

Only you can decide! Cast your vote now and be sure to spread the word for your choice. Polls will remain open for an entire week, closing at 23:59 EST on Jan. 10.

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Happy New Year!