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WYMLW: Speedy Meatballs, Tricky Footballs & Geek Week!


Hello again, one and all!  You’re reading ‘What You Missed Last Week’, a quick look at some of the best Guinness World Records content that might just have passed you by…

Let’s kick this off with a quick snack.  Well, I say “snack”.  My Idea of a quick snack is whipping up a nice ham and cheese sandwich.  How does 126 meatballs sound?  Oh, and this guy can prepare them in one minute…  Look at those fingers go!

Now, as many of you will know, last week saw YouTube celebrating all things geek.  Over on GWROMG!, we put together a live stream for all the gamers out there.  Expect cake, blindfolds and some record breaking of course!

When shopping for your shampoo, do you look out for something to strengthen your hair?  Does it come certified to pull a truck full of people?  No, didn’t think so.  Sit back and watch how the pros do it…

Finally, I’ve got some impressive football freestyle skills for you.  I can barely keep a ball in the air with my feet, so the idea using only my chest gives me backache just thinking about it…

How he managed that, I just don’t know… See you next week!

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